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    Joe and Christine took the reins of North Park Bike Shop shortly after the birth of their second daughter, so, naturally, the shop’s selection of kids’ products has always had a special interest for them; their (lucky) girls have test-ridden most of the kids’ stuff we sell.

    Lily skuuting

    We strongly believe that the younger a child is immersed in cycling, the more likely it will be that it becomes a part of their lives, not just something else they ‘have to do’.  If mom and dad are enjoying cycling and they share that enthusiasm with their child, chances are, the child will love cycling, too.  Without realising it, their bike will become an extension of themselves, and they will hopefully chose cycling as a preferred form of mobility.

    In that vein, we have many ways to enjoy biking with your little one:

    For cycling parents who want to take their kids along, we carry Chariot bike trailers, Adams’ trail-a-bikes, Yepp front and rear mounted bike seats, and iBert front-mount child seats.  Surly makes the Big Dummy, which can be a cargo bike or a kid-toter – or both.  The Yuba Mundo & Boda Boda, and the Xtracycle Edgerunner also do these jobs with great success.   Joe used to cart around both kids, sometimes one kid and one bike, and, on occasion, has hauled Christine and both girls!  Now, that’s a lot of cargo, and he lived to tell about it!  Buster the dog also sometimes goes for a spin with the Big Dummy with a springer attachment that fits on the seat.

    We also carry the Early Rider balance bike: a run bike that’s a great way to get your little one whizzing along in no time, and skip the training wheel phase all together!  Perfect for indoors or out, it’s a brilliant way for them to learn balance, steering skills and have fun within the framework of their own limits (i.e.: they can’t get pedaling faster than they can manage).  They are a few different sizes made for kids 18 months to 5 years.

    For independent youngsters, we carry Miele and Opus kids’ bikes – available in 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ sizes. They’re great bikes to learn, advance, and grow on. We carry kids’ helmets from Nutcase, Giro and Bell, as well as lots of fun kids’ accessories to make biking more enjoyable.  We also have training wheels, safety vests, replacement wheels, tires and tubes.  Please note the below bike photos are not to scale in respect to each other!