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    Of course, we love bikes.  So, it’s with this love that we’ve chosen our brands that we represent carefully.  We’re a small shop with a small showroom, so we’ve had to find the brands that we love the most and that work well for us.  Whether you ride for recreation or transportation, we have a wide range of bikes to suit your needs.  We proudly carry bikes from: Rocky Mountain, Marin, Surly, Salsa, Yuba, Linus, Opus, Brompton, Electra, Xtracycle, Miele.

    We’re here to make sure you love your bike.  We also want to make buying a bike enjoyable and relaxing.  We’ll talk to you and find out what your needs are, and help you choose the bike that fits you and will do what you want, whether it’s leisurely riding on the Galloping Goose, cross country riding at the Hartland Landfill, just popping down to the coffee shop for a pick-me-up, or commuting 20K to work each day.  If it’s the first time you’ve ever been on a bike and you’re 60, that’s okay, too – we can find something you feel secure on while you enjoy the ride.  Below are our suppliers; there’s something for everyone.

    love the ride

    Used bikes are also a part of North Park.  We acquire most of our stock through folks trading in their old bike for a nice, shiny new one. Our stock fluctuates regularly, so call or e-mail us or come on by to see what we have that can get you on the road for less.  Take a look, too, at our used bikes page to see if there’s anything that might tickle your fancy.


    rocky logo

    Rocky Mountain – Our flagship line, Rocky Mountain delivers high end mountain, road, and commuting bikes. They have been making bikes for the rigors of BC riding since 1981, and on top of making great products, we’ve found that they stand behind the bikes that they sell.

    soul 29 2013

    Opus – This Canadian company rolls out a great array of bikes – city, touring, road – well spec’d, nicely priced and great to look at.  Also, with a stellar kids’ line: adult quality in a small package.




    Xtracycle  – The Edgerunner, new in 2013 (designed by Sam Whittingham from BC!).  With a 20″ rear wheel and a solid steel frame and awesome parts, the Edgerunner will take you from A to B and back again, with room for more!  Super-adaptable to carry kids, cargo, fridges, surfboards, there is no excuse for driving any more!





    Salsa –  They say it all:  “At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it’s a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences… Salsa. Adventure by bike.”  Word.


    salsa Vaya3_2013_3

    marin logo

    Marin – Out of California hails this line that compliments our Rocky hybrids and performance hybrids.  They carry a full range of cycles, but the accent on our urban line supports our riders nicely.


    miele logo

    Miele – The sister company of Rocky Mountain, we sell their great kids’ bikes, from 12″ to 24″ wheel size.  The Torino available in 20″ and 24″ versions, are great ‘little hybrids’ for the budding rider; lighter, more upright, with more efficient tires.




    Electra –  The Townie, the ‘great bike that suits many’, has a comfortable, patented “foot forward” position, which keeps the rider upright, comfortable. Electra also makes a wide selection of eye-catching cruisers, as well as their take on the Dutch classic, the Amsterdam, the drop-dead gorgeous Ticino, and their latest addition, Verve, their hybrid.

    Townie 7




    Surly – For those who want high quality, no-frills bikes, we carry Surly.  In handmade steel, from their Long Haul Trucker, a fixture among touring riders, to their Big Dummy “longtail” cargo bike, Surly delivers bikes that are brilliantly thought out and dependable. We sell their completes, as well as their frames. We also do custom builds.




    Brompton – We are pleased to bring in the best folding bike on the market to Victoria, BC. Not just for packing up on your boat, this bike is an urban superstar – made to get you there efficiently and in style.  It can fold up under your desk at work, travel on the bus or plane, or discreetly pop it under your table while going out for a meal downtown.  BUILD YOUR OWN HERE!



    Linus – Retro-inspired French design delivers timeless style in this great line-up of men’s and women’s bicycles, and now kids’ versions, too!.  Meant to transport you out of an ordinary experience, it completely delivers in an affordable and reliable fashion.

      yuba logo2

    Yuba – what a bicycle can do… indeed!  More fun than you can shake a stick at, the Yuba brings the cargo bike to a solid stop.  The Mundo, pictured right, is the big daddy.  The Boda Boda is the little buddy version.  Got stuff?  Haul some.

    yuba bike
    brookly logo

    Brooklyn Bike Company – Complete with New York swagger, this great city line of bikes takes you to the streets in style.  Simple, comfy and classic.  The NY attitude will be all up to you!



    simcoe logo

    Simcoe – This line of European city bike is really designed by our friends at Fourth Floor in Toronto! The simple, clean lines make you forget about all the functionality they offer!  Style never felt so good!  Great article here that highlights its many attributes.

    simcoe cube



    Surly LHT (Long Haul Trucker), Brompton folding bike, Pashley Princess Sovereign, Electra Townie, Ticino in Victoria BC