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    staff-june2016-g-blurCURRENT STAFF:


    Jordan Flavour-Flav started with us part-time in April ’16 while in school.  He is keeping us sane with building bikes for us full-time (until he hops back on the education train in Electronics Technology).  He dabbles in self-betterment, IT stuff, guitar, and loves to rock climb & weight lift. He excels at integers, enjoys hot yoga and bacon-dogs.

    Bikes: Marin Muirwoods

    Theo – came to us Christmas 2014.  He really loves hiking, is a ringer in curling, and is great at making his lunch every day.  He doesn’t drink coffee or eat wheat, but we still love him (and his hair).  He likes to hang ten, grow veggies, watch paranormal thrillers, and breakdance to death metal.  This photo shows his great distaste for coffee.

    Bikes: Bridgestone MB-5, Surly Straggler, early 90’s Miele Road Bike, Miele BB201

    Terry – oogling at us since October 2014, he realised that working for Timbits was worth it. He has a deep love and appreciation for properly built disc wheels, photography, technology and a good video game (that’s at least better than Halo). He lives for tinkering with his VW Westfalia. Seen here deeply suspicious of Pokemon Go’s popularity.

    Bikes: Surly 1×1, Surly Karate Monkey, Intense Tracer VP, Ellsworth Dare

    Andy – has been with us for a good five years now. He’s easy going, works like a demon in the back all day, dances randomly, and shares jokes and quiche recipes with Terry.  He loves his dog, Bella, a good chuckle, hair product, and nice cheesecake.  Oh, and riding his bike.

    Bikes: Salsa El Mariachi, Salsa ti Colossal, Surly Crosscheck, Rocky MSL70, Look 585, Opus Stelle, Linus Roadster 8, and yes, he still has the Schwinn Homegrown

     Dandy Andy
    Josh – with us since early August ’10, he likes fine cheese, cured meat products and kimchi, improving his growing mountain biking skills, cute cat videos, and taking his pug, Meatball, to agility class.  He prefers communicating by morse code and not text. He is planning the penultimate bike-packing trip!

    Bikes: Chromag Rootdown, his own Phillip-brazed frame a la a Paul Brodie workshop in 2015

    Garett – has brought his sunny side to North Park since late 2006. We’ve watched him get facial hair and his driver’s license.  He’s been a loyal and stalwart pillar, always optimistic, always ready with a good joke.  He loves shoes, playing Xbox, gymnastics, and selling his felting crafts on Etsy. Seen here doing the Flagpole.

    Bikes: Surly Troll, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Rocky Mountain Flow DJ Special Edition

    Image 2
    Christine – Joe’s lovely wife, takes care of their two daughters and their dogs, Poppy & new pup Frodo, and all the boys at the shop. She also does the books, ordering, mailing, soft plastic+ recycling, tire recycling, Customs clearing, facebooking, websiting, and a plethora of other things behind the scenes that keep her well out of trouble. She likes sweeping, symmetry, and making bathroom cleaning schedules.a

    Bike: Salsa El Mariachi (an XS 29’r frame with 27.5″ wheels and a 26″ fork… and it somehow has amazing geometry), Simcoe 3 speed

    christine botanical beach
    Joe – Christine’s lovely husband, who works too much and loves what he does. He also loves chocolate, his kids, and the perfect cup of tea. He’s always loved bikes, and is living his dream of working for himself, in his own bike shop.  He will do most anything for good chocolate or local beer.a

    BikesMarin Gestalt, Salsa Ti El Mariachi, Salsa Spearfish, Simcoe 3 speed, a pre-40’s Mercury, his old Dave Yates that he used to race on, and a number of neat ‘collectors bikes’ that belong to the shop’s museum












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