fenders & racks

Those utilitarian things that also make your bike nicer.  Fenders keep you dry; we've got nice and sturdy basic ones or more rugged German-made ones, or just plain pretty ones.  Racks let you haul all your stuff, whether you are going across town with your lunch, or across a continent, or two, with your life in four panniers. 

Brands include: SKS, Evo, Axiom, Tubus, Blackburn, Salsa, Surly.

Panniers, baskets & bags, Oh My!

There's so much choice when it comes to how you choose to carry your life around.  Front or rear, big or small, pretty or low-key, bare bones or overloaded with pockets, straps and hidey-holes... we carry Ortleib, Arkel, Basil, Axiom, Yuba & Blackburn (and our very own local artisan, Bao, with his Oaklands bags!) to help you organise your stuff.  Let your bike carry your load, not your body; it already works hard enough as it is!

basil bloom.jpg


Gotta keep that noggin' safe and you can look good (and really serious, too, if you want) while doing it.  Chose from your standard bike helmet, or fashionable and/or functional bucket helmets, to mountain bike and urban helmets, including MIPS, we carry a great range!  Nutcase, Giro, Bell, Electra

We will also fit each and every helmet we sell, so you have the best fit possible.


Things to hold and behold.  Comfort is key on both ends!  If your bottom or hands aren't happy, you won't want to ride.  We have the ubiquitous Brooks saddles in stock, as well as the more instant-gratification options by Selle Royale, Serfas, WTB

Grip preference is wide-ranging, big hands or small. Your body position on your bike makes a difference, too (same with your saddle!).  Ergon, Chromag, Electra, Serfas and more.  Handlebar tape for drop bars, too!

brooks b17.jpg


We can light up your life!  Brilliance can be attained, young grasshopper.  Simple lights just to be seen with, or high-lumen bad boys that will make a baseball stadium's lights cry in shame, and let you tackle the darkest, scariest trail in the dead of night.  Front or rear, and pizzazzy spoke lightsCateye, Blackburn, Busch & Müller, Linus, MonkeyLights, and more.



Warp speed?  Check.  We carry made-in-Canada Bion-X retro-fit kits that work on most bikes.  We also have bikes with Bosch and Shimano STePs e-assist systems on them.  We have certified technicians on hand to trouble-shoot any issues.  Go further, faster.  And, no, it isn't cheating.  Feel the wind in your hair and the smile on your face.



Of course, we carry all the essentials like tires, tubes, pumps, lubes, wheels, rims, tools, car racks, bars, stems, bike parts and components, fenders, gloves, computers, cargo bike accessories, cargo trailers by Wike and kid trailers by Thule/Chariot.

Suppliers we support: Lambert, Live to Play, Orange, OGC, Fourth Floor, Great Western Bike Company, Highway 2, Shimano, NRG, Electra, Thule and more!  As well as US suppliers: Merry Sales, QBP, Peter White, BTI, Velo Orange.  To name a few.


Welcome to the bike theft capital of Canada!  We have Kryptonite, Abus and OnGuard bike locks.  U-locks are always more secure than a cable. Chains are okay, too.  We have many options to help you keep your bike secure, as well as some security options for your wheels.  We can also bolt your seatpost in more securely to prevent opportunistic thieves.



A few brands we carry: Wald, Topeak, Electra, BBB, Shimano, Blackburn, Finish Line, Brooks, Ortlieb, Arkel, Axiom, Wike, Early Rider, Nutcase, Giro, Bell, Saris, Brompton, WTB, Selle Royale, Serfas, Chromag, Mavic, Tubus, Crane, Knog, Nite Rider, Salsa, Brompton, Tern, V-sixty. Phew.