Billy Fireball.jpg


Our Buddha with a Beard, Billy started with us May β€˜18. He brings the best beard the Westcoast has seen in years, British colloquialisms, much calm, great organization, and is a fabulous addition to our family.

He makes Christine great tea, has awesome playlists, and gladly follows tradition on Crazy Sock Thursday. He digs: organizing his extensive Trollz collection, bike touring, and photography. A sucker for punishment, he re-enacts Hot Ones videos in his living room each Tuesday. He has no tattoos. He can hide up to ten pens in his beard.

In his spare time, he likes live music, corn-braiding his beard, beating his best score on his electronic, hand-held Yahtzee. He’s got a thing for bedazzling jean jackets and selling them at flea markets. He has a great falsetto.

Fav singer: Alanis Morrissette