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Joe's lovely wife, Christine, didn't come from a bicycle background.  She grew up in rural Ontario where you had to drive 20 minutes to get anywhere, so the bike as a mode of transportation was alien to her.  Until she met Joe. 

They lived in North Van when they first met, and spent many happy miles riding around.  The novel concept turned into necessity when pregnant with their first born, as she couldn't walk two feet without having to go the bathroom!  She rode her bike up until the day she delivered.

She does lots of stuff.  And she's a little crazy-eyed when tired.

Her loves: symmetry, shiny things, a good cuppa tea, vibrant colours and mixed patterns (often together), printing things, walking their dogs up at Summit Park, and writing bios for the staff.  She gets distracted easily and appreciates great socks.

Fav band/singer: Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock