Graeme NV.jpg


Graeme came to us in April ‘19, bringing great dimples, by the long way of Albertan winds.

With a passion for bikes, and a sponge for a brain, they’ve fit right into North Park like seamless undies. Graeme’s passions are cycling, taking nature photos and playing pick-up sticks with their Uncle Ernie.

Their favourite dessert is their birthday cake of many years: rainbow sprinkle angel food cake w/ lemon pudding icing.

Having pioneered the Advisory Board for Fairness to Integrity of Environment for Water Bears, their spare time is full of advocating and giving lectures.

Graeme lives for finding the perfect curry (Thai or Indian, please). They also love to geo-cache, collect vintage Santa prints, and making windchimes out of found hub caps.

Fav musical group: Steely Dan