The head, heart, hands and brain behind it all.  People call him 'the guy with the accent'.

Joe has loved bikes since he was a little boy in the UK.  He raced and built his bikes in his teen years, loving the freedom it gave him.  His dream was to always own his own shop.  He chose a path in the culinary arts after school, and slaved to the kitchen for almost 20 years before calling it quits, shortly after his & Christine's first daughter was born. 

He then started working in a bike shop in Victoria, which started the momentum for us to take the reins of North Park in 2003, shortly after it opened and right after their second daughter was born.

His loves: coffee, good chocolate, good local beer, his dogs and family, watching planes at the airport (but not flying!).

Fav band/singer: Terrence Trent D'Arby