Kids learn to talk, eat and mimic other life-important skills from the adults around them.  Chances are, if you start them young, they will probably learn to love cycling, just like you.  And, in such a great, temperate climate as Victoria, you can really cycle all year 'round.  No excuses.

We have what it takes to get your little, or big, one into riding! 

  • Early Rider balance bikes for kids as young as 18 months

  • Thule trailers for cycling, strolling, and other adventurous outdoor fun

  • Yepp/Thule, Blackburn CoPilot child seats front & rear for kids up to 50lbs

  • Adams' Trail-a-bikes (that you can also pop a baby seat into, or attach a backrest)

  • Both Canadian Louis Garneau & Opus, and Marin two-wheelers from 12" to 26"

As well as the all-in-one: the cargo bike!! Tern and Yuba make great options for you, one or more kids AND all your stuff for a great day out.  You can use all your own pedal power, or go with e-assist to go further, faster and with more ease (and so you can get rid of your minivan).  

We also have access to Babboe and Nihola from the Netherlands; both available on special order.

Phew.  Need some more options?

Come chat with us and see how we can help get your offspring loving the freedom of cycling.

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