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You want your progeny to ride with you, and experience the freedom, and fabulous fun, that two wheels can offer.  Find a fun way to protect that head of theirs that's full of so much awe and enthusiasm for life!

Helmets by Nutcase and Giro to keep that noggin' safe and cute.  Fitting from about 9 months and up.

The Giro Scamp in XS is one of the smallest fitting helmets we've ever had!  So, tiny heads aren't exempt from the helmet party!

We will always help you with your kids' helmets, to make sure it is the best fit.  Sometimes little heads can be tricky, but usually with some extra padding, we can make them nice and snug so they're comfy and safe.

The older kids' helmets are the same size as 'women's' helmets, and have cooler designs, but if you have an older kid that wants something more sedate, we should have something that works.