The now-tallest fella (we call 'im Top Shelf) in our possé started with us in our new Cook Street location in March, straight outta Compton (aka Oakville, ON). 

He works fast and hard, and nothing is too much.  He lives for his daily cinnamon bun and coffee from Patisserie Daniel.

He digs dancing to 90's house music, mountain biking, and carving mahogany serving platters in his spare time.  He also shows Chinatown Karaoke no mercy on a Sunday night.

When he's working on bikes, he has been known to recite Shirley Temple movie lines when he thinks no one can hear him.

He likes Jenga, playing Uno by himself, and basking in the glory of our westcoast nature wonderland, when he isn't watching Full House re-runs.

Fav artist: 2PAC