This Vancouverite came to us in early 2017.  As a professional photographer (mostly weddings, we can't talk about 'the other' kind he does), he wanted to move to the Island for a change of scenery. 

With many years of bike shop experience under his belt previously, and a laid-back attitude, super-easy smile and no-sass attitude, he slid right into North Park like a well-greased monkey.

He loves to surf, camp, ride, and adventure when he isn't working.  He has his own ETSY craft store, selling painted beach stones.  He is learning to knit slippers for cats, also.

He adores Sudoku, pizza pops, and making homemade jell-o.

His fav band/singer: Belinda Carlisle

Overheard quote: “If I don’t wake up with it in my pants, I don’t know where it is.” In reference to when he accidentally takes home shop tools at the end of the day.