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Andy's been around town.  In a good way.  He finally landed at North Park in 2011, and we couldn't be luckier.  He's mainly in the back, working on your bikes extra hard.  He snacks during the day, so he can take his lunch at a private location for a coffee and a book read later in the afternoon, when most of the jobs are under control. 

He has great hair, a better sense of humour, almost as good as a laugh as Terry's, is super-organized, and is a shockingly awesome dancer.  Oh, and he's really nice.  He likes to braid fallen willow branches into miniature furniture for his vintage Barbie collection.

He loves: his dog, Bella, good hair product, cherry danishes from Crust on Fort Street, and, thankfully, doing what he's told.

Fav band/singer: Frankie Valli