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Garett has been with us pretty much since birth... but closer to 2006.  We've seen him hit puberty, get his license, grow facial hair, bust through his energy drink phase, learn some finesse in ballroom dancing, and just growing up into a pretty neat fella.

His optimism, get 'er done attitude and general sense of hilarity is what we love about him.  Also, he has pretty impressive gymnastics skills. He still mows his grandpa's lawn.  He can turn any moment from life into a quick cartoon on a post-it note.

He loves: watching the Food Network (Bobby Flay mostly), as well as riding his many styles of bikes, working out, shoes, and dental hygiene.  He's always the first one to jump at the suggestion of doing a 'suggestive NP calendar' for charity.  He will be Mr. December, of course.

Fav band/singer: Duran Duran